What is Spark?


Spark Engagement Index is a world leading, start-to-finish, Employee Engagement system that incorporates a diagnostic engagement model and actionable strategies and tactics for individuals and teams to increase engagement.


Higher engagement levels increase performance and profits.


Spark Model

Our Engagement Model

Our validated 8-State Engagement Model measures relationships between Meaning, Progress, Engagement Drivers and Outcomes. The 8-States of Engagement present an accurate picture of the emotional landscape of the organization.

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Engagement Drivers

Our Survey

Our one-of-a-kind Engagement Survey is confidential, scientifically validated and takes less than 8 minutes to complete. The survey is comprised of 30 core questions and can generate reports on-demand.

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Your Results

Our system is automated, online and agile. Scorecards, presentations and action plans are produced quickly and efficiently and clients can start reviewing reports within hours of completing the surveys. Team based scorecards and presentations allow organizational change to begin unhindered.

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Tools for Change

21 Engagement Driver strategies and Action Plans combine for a start-to-finish system that delivers sustainable results in an affordable package. Individual and Team strategies support and build engagement across the organization.

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What does Spark do for you?

Get a true picture of your organizations engagement levels with actions and strategies to apply and direct efforts toward things that matter. Maximize finite resources while aligning your engagement efforts with corporate objectives and KPIs.

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