Engagement Model

Based on a decade of engagement research and consulting, our proprietary model measures relationships between Meaning & Progress, Engagement Drivers and Engagement Outcomes. In other words, we gauge how people feel about their work, and assess the experiences that drive their engagement level and ultimately impact their passion, productivity and performance.

Visual of meaning and progress

Meaning & Progress

The research is clear – the levels of Meaning & Progress experienced by employees determines their level of engagement at work, or Engagement Phase. It’s that simple! How can leaders improve employees’ experience of Meaning & Progress? They need insight into the factors that truly drive engagement.


Engagement Drivers

Spark Engagement Index illuminates the Engagement Drivers that really matter for all employees, in any environment. How people experience Purpose & Inspiration, Mastery, Autonomy and Organizational Practices informs their sense of Meaning & Progress, and can lead to better Engagement Outcomes for teams and organizations.


Engagement Outcomes

Do your employees recommend your organization to others as a place to work? Do they have any reasons to look elsewhere for employment? Would they recommend your products and services to others? Engaged employees answer Yes! to these questions, and are vested in the success of your organization.