Fire Up Your Team

Jacqueline Throop-Robinson

Author Jacqueline Throop-Robinson, creator of Spark Engagement Index, delivers tools and techniques for leaders who want to connect, collaborate and create with their teams to ignite passion, productivity, and performance at work. Throop-Robinson relies on her extensive experience as a successful corporate manager, entrepreneur, and consultant to help empower leaders and their teams to achieve their full potential.

Fire Up Your Team!

Fire Up Your Team Book
50 ways for Leaders to connect, collaborate & create with their teams


About the Book

In today’s ever-changing world, leaders must create anew every day—new solutions, new ideas for action, new strategies—and then comfortably lead their organizations into an unpredictable future. In her handbook for leaders, author Jacqueline Throop-Robinson provides tools and techniques that can help any CEO or manager ignite passion, productivity and performance by connecting, collaborating and creating with their team.

Throop-Robinson relies on her extensive experience as a successful entrepreneur, corporate manager, and consultant to help empower leaders and their teams to achieve their full potential.

While combining theory with real-life stories and activities, Throop-Robinson offers time-tested advice that helps leaders:

  • change their mind-set to build trust;
  • collaborate and play with their team to accelerate performance;
  • explore the importance and impact of inspiration;
  • use feedback and feedforward to improve leadership practices and overall productivity; and
  • lead fearlessly to help teams overcome obstacles and see progress.


Fire Up Your Team shares fifty ways to lead fearlessly, strengthen skills, improve creativity, and motivate a team to effectively move forward and achieve goals, one step at a time


Fire Up Your Team Reviews & Testimonials

What a fabulous collection of Leadership Principles! I love the writer’s format of quick, easy to read content followed by activities that include powerful, captivating questions taking the reader into deeper levels of understanding and applying each principle. The authors experience, wisdom and writing style are engaging, informative, and thought provoking. I am a writer, speaker, and consultant myself, who has read 100’s of books causing me to have high standards. I strongly recommend this one for reading and long term referencing, whether you’re already a leader or one who is just beginning to blossom!


Jacqueline Throop-Robinson speaks/writes from experience and her methods to accomplish what the title of her book says are impressive and unique. And there are plenty of them — from techniques to build trust on a team to igniting passion to developing inspiration to embracing the individuality and more. It is not always easy to stimulate effort in others, but the author seems to have mastered this ability and through her book she is passing on her skills.


With a clear and easy to follow writing style, the author offers important information for leaders in every field. As a body-oriented psychotherapist and owner of an alternative health clinic, I especially appreciate the incorporation of health and play as part of the leadership role. With helpful exercises, and lessons broken down into “small digestible bites” this book is very user friendly. Wish the leaders in my past had read it!

Melanie B. Smithson

Jacqueline is a mentor who has helped me dozens of times—and to my great benefit. Fire Up Your Team gives others access to the great thinking that helped me.

Ken Everett, Author of Designing the Networked Organization and Founder of N2Nhub