Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the Spark Engagement Index is reliable?

At Spark Engagement, we have been gathering data for 10 years and have spent the last four years analyzing the data using various statistical tools and techniques. We engaged an independent organization that specializes in analytics in the area of employee engagement and through this process were able to find 30 core questions and refine a model originally developed through interviews with hundreds of people across the globe.


How do you know you will see change?

When teams take time to measure engagement with a survey that is fully validated and with measures that are proven to make a difference, a return on the investment is guaranteed, as long as the leadership undertake the action planning in an authentic and disciplined manner.

We know that there are 21 disciplines of engagement, each with it’s own measure. Accompanying these are also strategies that when applied get results: engagement increases.


How do people respond to the personalized reports?

We have had only positive feedback about our personalized engagement reports. It allows people to see their state of being at work in an objective manner and with the tips and strategies employees tell us they feel empowered to take charge of their own engagement at work.

It also allows organizations to partner with their employees so engagement becomes a joint effort: top-down as well as bottom-up.


Do employees have concerns about confidentiality?

We have designed a system that allows employees to create a password when they initially log on to take the survey. From that point onward, the employee is in charge of when and how they receive their results.

For collective reporting, our minimum requirement is a group of five to ensure confidentiality.


What support is available beyond the survey administration and production of the reports?

At Spark Engagement Index, we have an ongoing program that provides articles and other supplementary reading, a newsletter and an ongoing series of webinars. In addition, a Spark Engagement Index professional is only a click away as emails are answered within 24 hours.