At Spark Engagement, we know that engaging people means connecting them to what is meaningful and purposeful in their work, and creating strategies that facilitate exceptional performance by removing barriers to inspired action.

Spark Engagement Index gives leaders the insights to create strategies that ignite passion, productivity and performance in the workplace.

Based on 20+ years of consulting in a wide range of industries across North America, Europe and Asia, the Spark Engagement Index was developed to effectively measure employee engagement, and deliver immediate, practical, and actionable strategies to improve engagement in any work environment.

The Spark Engagement Index model and tools have been scientifically validated and tested, with input from employees, managers and organizational leaders around the world. The research is clear. Effective engagement strategies are critical for leaders who want to take their teams and organizations to the next level.


Our Team


Jacqueline Throop-Robinson


Jacqueline's 30-year career has focused on strengthening leadership and engagement at all levels of an organization through individual and team work as well as organization-wide initiatives.

Her workshops, facilitations, and coaching sessions always support both individual needs as well as the business goals.

Jacqueline strives to create cultures of passion, productivity and performance.




Paula Minnikin


Paula's 30year career has focused on technology, strategy and governance. Paula brings a wealth of technical knowledge, strategic planning and leadership skills to the table.

Her extensive experience delivers expertise in Governance, Technology, Strategic Assessment and Planning, Program and Project Management to her many clients in both the public and private sectors.

Paula strives to help her clients strike the appropriate balance between avoiding risk and embracing opportunity through the appropriate use of people, process and technology.




Dean de St. Croix

VP Marketing

Dean has worked in the industry of brand and identity strategy for over 29 years. He transitioned from award winning student working in both Advertising and Graphic Design. Dean’s international experience with the Bank of Bermuda and Cossette Communications allowed him the unique opportunity to experience both the client and supplier side of the branding equation along with a broad scope of strategic and production experience. Dean has worked with international clients in Canada, United States, England, Germany, Ireland, and Bermuda. This wide-ranging experience allows him to understand the realistic demands of business and enterprise and to be able to offer a significant “Return On Investment” proposition for clients utilizing engaging creative, sound process management and clear objectives/tactics.



Joyce Keitumetse Maphorisa

Director of Training

Joyce brings with her considerable experience leading, consulting and training people. Her ability to plan, manage and deliver projects in a wide variety of settings includes projects focused on research, skills audits, strategic planning, change management, performance management and organizational transformation.

Her exceptional ability to accurately identify business problems and bring the right tools to bear to help with their resolution is highly valued amongst the client base.




Neville Grant

Strategic Advisor

Though he officially retired in 2004, Neville’s extensive international experience and expertise are still widely sought after by our clients the world over. Neville served at the first Managing Director of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, and completed several assignments for the International Monetary Fund in such countries as Turks and Caicos, Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Taiwan, Hungary, Cayman Islands, United States, Jamaica and Canada.

His knowledge of the processes and leadership needed to assess and change corporate cultures and implement change across geographies benefits both our own team and our clients. He provides us with exceptional advice on approaching international markets.