Spark Engagement Index

Driving workforce engagement to directly impact key performance indicators in your organization requires insight. Spark Engagement Index (SEI) delivers that insight with a leading-edge employee engagement model and diagnostic survey designed for teams and organizations.

Measuring Engagement

Based on 20+ years of real-world consulting and engagement research, our proprietary model measures relationships between Meaning & Progress, Engagement Drivers and Engagement Outcomes.

Personal & Team Reports

Spark Engagement Index delivers meaningful  results for individuals, teams and organizations, along with proven, practical strategies to improve engagement.

The Benefits

Spark insights help organizational leaders, people-managers, HR professionals and OD practitioners to direct employee engagement efforts toward the things that matter most.

About Spark

Spark Engagement Index was developed to effectively measure employee engagement, and deliver immediate, practical, and actionable strategies to improve engagement in any work environment.

Spark Applications

Our clients and partner consultants use the Spark model, survey and scorecard reports to boost team engagement, foster leadership development and inform one-on-one coaching sessions.

Get Accredited

Spark Accreditation equips leaders, HR professionals and consultants to measure engagement in their workplace, and create practical engagement strategies that work in any environment.

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